Myliobatis aquila

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Common eagle ray
Classification: Elasmobranchii Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae

Reference of the original description
Linné, C. (1758)
Systema Naturae per regna tria naturae, regnum animale, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus differentiis synonymis, locis. Tomus I. Editio decima, reformata. Stockholm, Laurentii Salvii, 824pp.

Image of the original description
No image in first description.

Synonyms / new combinations and misspellings
Aetobatis aquila, Aetobatus aquila, Holorhinus aquila, Holorhinus cervus, Leiobatis aquila, Leiobatus aquila, Myliobates aquila, Myliobatis aff. aquila, Myliobatis cervus, Myliobatis cf. aquila, Myliobatis equila, Myliobatis noctula, Myliobatus aquila, Raia aquila, Raia aquila., Raia rhombus, Raja aquila, Raja noctula

Myliobatis aquila
XXXX: No types known;
Myliobatis cervus
Syntype: SAIAB: (not found)
Myliobatis noctula
Syntype: ANSP: 16950 (missing, old: Bonaparte 81); ANSP: 409 (old: Bonaparte 217);
Raia rhombus
XXXX: No types known;

Description :

Citation: Myliobatis aquila (Linnaeus, 1758): In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 06/2024

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Myliobatis aquila (Linnaeus, 1758) (ERB 1126), female, 64, 4 DW, 107, 5 TL, Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey © Frederik H. Mollen (Elasmobranch Research Belgium)
Common names
deu \(T\) Adlerrochen, deu \(T\) Eulenrochen, deu \(T\) Gemeiner Adlerrochen, deu \(T\) Gewöhnlicher Adlerrochen, deu \(T\) Meeradler, spa Aguila de mar, spa Aguila marina, spa Bon Jesús, spa Choucho, spa Chucho, spa Gallarón, spa Jutjo, spa Milana, spa Milá, spa Mongeta, spa Monja, spa Monjeta, spa Obispo, spa Peje águila, spa Ralapinuada, spa Ratón, spa Totino, spa Viuda, fra \(T\) Aigle commun, fra \(T\) Aigle de mer, fra \(T\) Aigle de mer commun, fra \(T\) Ferrazo, fra \(T\) Glorieuse, fra \(T\) Hirondelle, fra \(T\) Lancette, fra \(T\) Mourine, fra \(T\) Mourine aigle, fra \(T\) Mourine noctule, fra \(T\) Pesce rato, fra \(T\) Raie aigle, fra \(T\) Ratopennado, fra \(T\) Tare, fra \(T\) Terre fauchée, fra \(T\) Épervier, eng Common bull ray, eng Common eagle ray, eng Eagle ray, eng Eagleray, eng Mill skate, eng Sea eagle, eng Spotted eagle ray, eng Toadfish, eng Whipray, ita Acula, ita Aquila di mare, ita Calumbe, ita Cappuccinu, ita Ciuvette, ita Colombo, ita Diavuluni, ita Feraja, ita Ferassa, ita Ferraccia, ita Ferri in coa, ita Matan, ita Mucchio caputo, ita Mugghiu, ita Muniacedde, ita Nottola, ita Orinegliu, ita Pesce vacca, ita Protene, ita Protinu, ita Taddarita, ita Teraurchje, ita Tistutu, ita Vaccarella, ita Zaraurchie, por Arreião, por Chuco, por Dormideiro, por Raia, por Raia-beiço-de-boi, por Raia-morcego, por Rato, por Ratâo-aguia, por Ratão

Short Description
A plain eagleray with a short, rounded snout; disc with broadly angular corners, and upper or lower jaw usually with 7 rows of plate-like teeth [536]. Brown or blackish dorsally, white ventrally [536]. No caudal fin [536].

Eastern Atlantic: Madeira, Morocco and the Canary Islands north to the western coasts of Ireland and British Isles and the southwestern North Sea, south to Natal, South Africa. Also throughout the Mediterranean. Source:

Human uses
fisheries: minor commercial; gamefish: yes; price category: high; price reliability: reliable: based on ex-vessel price for this species

Exhibit ovoviparity (aplacental viviparity), with embryos feeding initially on yolk, then receiving additional nourishment from the mother by indirect absorption of uterine fluid enriched with mucus, fat or protein through specialised structures [733]. Benthic crustaceans and molluscs are the main food items (Ref. 52801).

Size / Weight / Age
183 cm WD (male/unsexed; (Ref. 4440)); max. published weight: 14.5 kg (Ref. 40637)

benthopelagic; marine; depth range 1 - 300 m (Ref. 4440)

shark-references Species-ID=3853;

Parasites (arranged by Jürgen Pollerspöck)
  • Eimeria euzeti Daoudi, Radujkovic, Marquès & Bouix, 1987 [32027]

  • Benedenia sciaenae (Van Beneden, 1852) Odhner, 1905 [22565]
  • Empruthotrema raiae (Maccallum, 1916) Johnston & Tiegs, 1922 [22565]
  • Monocotyle myliobatis Taschenberg, 1878 [17150] [17001] [13677]

  • Eudactylina acuta Van Beneden, 1853 [16609]
  • Lernaeopoda galei Krøyer, 1837 [16609]
  • Pseudocharopinus malleus (Rudolphi in Von Nordmann, 1832) [16609]

  • Pontobdella muricata (Linnaeus, 1758) [24406]