Galeus melastomus

Rafinesque, 1810

Blackmouth catshark
Classification: Elasmobranchii Carcharhiniformes Pentanchidae

Reference of the original description
Rafinesque, C.S. (1810)
Caratteri di alcuni nuovi generi e nuove specie di animali e pinate della Sicilia, con varie osservazioni sopra i medisimi, lère partie. (Part 1 involves fishes, pp. [i–iv] 3–69 [70 blank], Part 2 with slightly different title, pp. ia–iva + 71–105 [106 blank])

Synonyms / new combinations and misspellings
Galeus cf. melastomus, Galeus melanostomus, Galeus melastomus melastomus, Pristiurus artedi, Pristiurus melanostomum, Pristiurus melanostomus, Pristiurus melastomus, Pristiurus souverbiei, Scyllium artedi, Scyllium artedii, Scyllium melanostomum, Squalus annulatus, Squalus prionurus

Galeus melastomus
XXXX: No types known;
Pristiurus melanostomus
XXXX: No types known;
Pristiurus souverbiei
XXXX: No types known;
Scyllium artedi
XXXX: No types known;
Scyllium melanostomum
Syntype: ANSP: 566 (old: Bonaparte 253, ANSP 566-574);
Squalus annulatus
XXXX: No types known;
Squalus prionurus
XXXX: No types known;

Description :

Citation: Galeus melastomus Rafinesque, 1810: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 07/2024

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Galeus melastomus Rafinesque, 1810, (ERB 1336), male, 47,8 cm TL, NE Atlantic, France © Frederik H. Mollen (Elasmobranch Research Belgium)
Common names
deu \(T\) Fleckhai, deu \(T\) Katzenhai, deu \(T\) Schwarzmaul-Katzenhai, deu \(T\) Schwarzmundiger Hundshai, deu \(T\) Sägeschwanz, spa Bardoulina, spa Bastina, spa Bocanegra, spa Colaina, spa Colayo, spa Gata, spa Gata moixa, spa Gazapa, spa Golayo, spa Kolayo, spa Mocina, spa Muxina, spa Olayo, spa Pimpiñúa, spa Pinta-rotja, spa Pintarroja bocanegra, spa Tintarroja, spa Tintorera, fra \(T\) Bardoulin, fra \(T\) Bicot, fra \(T\) C"hi bastard, fra \(T\) Chien espagnol, fra \(T\) Lambardà, fra \(T\) Pimpirína, fra \(T\) Pristiure à bouche noire, fra \(T\) Rousse, fra \(T\) Vache, eng Black-mouthed dogfish, eng Blackmouth cat shark, eng Blackmouth catshark, eng Blackmouthed dogfish, ita Bardulin, ita Bocca negra, ita Boccanegra, ita Boccanera, ita Cazzuni, ita Centrune, ita Cintrune, ita Gatto, ita Gattuccio boccanera, ita Gattuccio nero, ita Gattuso, ita Lambarda, ita Moellin, ita Moiella, ita Pesce "mbiso, ita Pesce "mpiso, ita Pisci gattu de scoglio, ita Pisci vacca, ita Pisci vucca d"infernu, ita Stiure, ita Vaccaredda, ita Vokke de "nfierne, por Leitao, por Pata roxa, Gattarell halqu iswed (malta)

Northeast Atlantic: Faeroe Islands and Trondheim, Norway southward to Senegal. Mediterranean Sea. Source:

Human uses
fisheries: minor commercial; price category: high; price reliability: reliable: based on ex-vessel price for this species

Oviparous, embryos feed solely on yolk [733]. Most abundant demersal shark on the upper and middle slope in the western Mediterranean from 1000 m to as deep as 1400 m (Ref. 40720).

Size / Weight / Age
75.0 cm TL (male/unsexed; (Ref. 40637)); 90 cm TL (female); max. published weight: 1,370 g (Ref. 40637)

bathydemersal; marine; depth range 55 - 1873 m (Ref. 55744), usually 150 - 1200 m [20241]

shark-references Species-ID=2439;

Parasites (arranged by Jürgen Pollerspöck)
  • Eimeria palavensis Marquès & Capapé, 2001 [32027]

  • Erpocotyle sp. [25639]
  • Leptobothrium pristiuri Gallien, 1937 [17150]
  • Leptocotyle minor (Monticelli, 1888) [25639]

  • Otodistomum cestoides (Van Beneden, 1871) [25639]
  • Otodistomum sp. [25922]
  • Otodistomum veliporum (Creplin, 1837) Stafford, 1904 [31384]

  • Anisakis sp. [25639]
  • Collarinema collaris (Petter, 1970) Moravec & Sobecka, 2012 [25922]
  • Dychelyne (Cucullanellus) sp. [25639]
  • Hysterothylacium aduncum (Rudolphi, 1802) [25639] [25922]
  • Hysterothylacium sp. [25922]
  • Piscicapillaria (Piscicapillaria) baylisi Moravec, 1987 [25639] [25922]
  • Proleptus obtusus Dujardin, 1845 [25639] [25922]
  • Skrjabinisakis physeteris (Baylis, 1923) [31384]