Etmopterus bigelowi Shirai & Tachikawa, 1993 AMS I.22809-034 Paratype
sex: both
age: immature
length: 172 mm TL - 232 mm TL
date vessel station: 04 Apr 1982, So 2/82/19 to 21, coll. by: J Paxton and M McGrouther, FRV Soela, coll. Method: Engel trawl
location: Northwest Shelf, 250 km NW of Port Hedland
latitude: 18°40'S
longitude: 116°42'E
FAO-area: 57.5.1
depth: 584 m - 592 m
specimens: 2
remarks: Ref.: Data from Mark McGrouther, Collection Manager, Ichthyology, Australian Museum (June, 2011): Alcohol/Formalin, Inventory Status: sighted