Rhinochimaera africana Compagno, Stehmann & Ebert, 1990 SAM 23123 Paratype
sex: male
age: adult
length: 1122+ mm TL, 960 mm PCL, 568 mm BDL, 2200 g
date vessel station: 02.08.1961, commercial trawler Storesse, Capt. Poggenpoel
location: off Cape Columbine
latitude: 32°45'43.3"S
longitude: 17°43'31.9"E
FAO-area: 47.1.6
depth: 549 m
specimens: 1
remarks: caudal tip missing, 1162 mm TL with intact caudal fin according to Penrith 1969, (geographical coordinates by J. Pollerspöck)