Cephaloscyllium umbratile

Jordan & Fowler, 1903

Blotchy swell shark
Classification: Elasmobranchii Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae

Reference of the original description
Jordan, D.S. & Fowler, H.W. (1903)
A review of the Elasmobranchiate fishes of Japan. Proceedings of the United States National Museum, 26(1324), 593–674

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Cephaloscyllium umbratile Jordan & Snyder, 1903

Synonyms / new combinations and misspellings
Cephaloscyllium aff. umbratile, Scyliorhinus umbratilis, Scylliorhinus (Cephaloscyllium) umbratile

Cephaloscyllium umbratile
Holotype: SU: 12693;

Description :

Citation: Cephaloscyllium umbratile Jordan & Fowler, 1903: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras, www.shark-references.com, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 07/2024

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Cephaloscyllium umbratile Jordan & Snyder, 1903, © Chris Avila, Toronto Bentic Sharks, Canadian Marine Aquaculture, Toronto
Common names
eng Blotchy swell shark, eng Draughtsboard shark, eng Japanese swell shark, eng Swell shark

Short Description
Overall color is lighter than C. isabellum, with irregular saddles and numerous blotches and a spotless ventral surface [1658].

Western Pacific: Japan to the South China Sea, possibly to New Guinea. Similar to Cephaloscyllium isabellum but the color pattern is different. Source: www.gbif.org

Human uses
aquarium: public aquariums

Oviparous (Ref. 559), two tendril eggcases are deposited at one time [1658]. Embryos feed solely on yolk [733]. Eggs hatch after about 1 year and size upon hatching is 16-22 cm [1658]. Found on rocky reefs. Feeds mainly on bony fishes such as mackerel, sardines, filefishes, moray eels, dragonets, flatfishes and cowfishes but also preys on elasmobranchs and squid.

Size / Weight / Age
120 cm TL (male/unsexed; [1658])

reef-associated; marine; depth range 20 - 200 m [1658]

shark-references Species-ID=1317;

Parasites (arranged by Jürgen Pollerspöck)
  • Monorygma megacotyla Yamaguti, 1952 [16129]

  • Porrocaecum cephaloscyllii Yamaguti, 1941 [17029]

  • Thaumastognathia bicorniger Ota, Kurashima & Horie, 2022 [30445]