Carcharhinus wheeleri

Garrick, 1982

Grey reef shark
Classification: Elasmobranchii Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae

Reference of the original description
Garrick, J.A.F. (1982)
Sharks of the Genus Carcharhinus. NOAA Technical Report NMFS, Circular, 445, 1–194

Carcharhinus wheeleri
Holotype: USNM: 197418; Paratype: BMNH: 1925.7.20.7; BMNH: 1925.7.20.8; ISZZ: 10687; MNHN: 8001; MSNG: 34564; NMW: 61448; NMW: uncat.; NMW: 61446; NMW: 61431; NMW: 61441; SMF: 4363; USNM: 197675;

Description :

Citation: Carcharhinus wheeleri Garrick, 1982: In: Database of modern sharks, rays and chimaeras,, World Wide Web electronic publication, Version 07/2024

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Carcharhinus wheeleri Garrick, 1982 © NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
shark-references Species-ID=854;
status uncertain, maybe synonym of Synonym of Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos (Bleeker 1856)